Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ontario's Bountiful Table

Local food is so much more than the best tasting, freshest, most flavourful and healthiest food option. Each piece comes with a story of people, geography, math, a season, a place, travel and history.
Lynn Ogryzlo, Cookbook author and locavore 

Luck brought news across my computer screen that Lynn Ogryzlo would be signing her latest cookbook at the Ancaster Farmers Market. With rain sometimes coming down as a downpour, sometimes as a sprinkle, Mom and I nevertheless set off and had great fun.

I love Lynn's Niagara Cooks and, just flipping through her newest volume, The Ontario Table, I am inspired to explore more deeply the province's farming communities. The Ontario Table is part cookbook, part travelogue, and part philosophical treatise as Lynn urges people to take the $10 Challenge: "If every household in Ontario spent $10 of their grocery budget on local food each week, there would be a $2.4 billion influx into the economy each year." It shocks me to think that there are so many households that don't spend $10 a week on local food. What are we eating?

Well, Mom and I evened out the average a bit today! ;-) Even with the rain and a bit of mud on our shoes, we had a grand time browsing through all the offerings of vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese and baked goodies at the Farmers Market and returning home with a trunk full of farm fresh, good food. I'm inspired!

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