Saturday, September 17, 2011


It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way. 
Rollo May, American psychologist (1909-1994) 

Glancing briefly at a map to get my bearings, I set off on a road trip to the Acton Fall Fair, only to get lost half way there in the largely unknown (to me) city of Guelph. My first instinct was to find a Tim Horton's coffee shop, buy a 'medium regular' and drink it out in the parking lot so that no one would think that I was lost as I poured over the map. I also admit to another psychological quirk that I never turn around and backtrack when lost in a foreign city, and by now it was futile to try to find my long way back to the corner where I suspected I made my error. Unfortunately, my map didn't provide the detail required to get me out of Guelph and there was no gas station in sight. Quirk #3: I only have faith in gas attendants to know how to get where I want to go. I thought about using my cell phone to ask Dad long-distance, "Where am I?"; but, instead, I made the completely illogical decision to drive just a little further knowing full well that it was a pretty stupid thing to do.

    A few turns later, I found myself on a country highway. I was still lost, but the scenery was beautiful. Thankfully, the names of the crossroad hamlets along the route appeared on the map and told me I was headed in the right direction. And, hurray, I did find the fair. As proof, I've posted photos on my Travel Tuesdays blog. (Text to follow.)

For the return trip, I decided to bypass Guelph and take a different route home. I wasn't exactly lost, but I also wasn't exactly sure where I was. Nevertheless, I was quite happy having my eyes opened to new vistas.

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