Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sugar Flurry

Cookies are made of butter and love.
Norwegian Proverb

An early telephone call gave us our first order for Christmas cookies. What an ego boost! The order came from my sweet aunt, who asked us to set aside a few snowflakes and a couple of camels so that they didn't sell out before she arrives at Saturday's bazaar. A need for more snowflakes became immediately apparent.

So, this afternoon, I baked up a batch and then Mom and I sat down this evening to decorate them.

When Dad heard us accept a pre-bazaar order, he handed over his money and asked for 8 angels and 2 moose. So we've made the church a few dollars days even before the big event. Hopefully, the angel cookies will be popular because we made a batch of them too. :-)

Each is bagged and ready to entice.


Anonymous said...

Do you export inter-provincially? - they are so cute, you certainly go the full nine yards in product appeal and marketing ---- - actually they have already arrived, in abundance along with colder temps.

Todays word of poetic irrelevance is: walises

Anonymous said...

oh my god what a lot of cookies.

Shari said...

Hopefully, all 143 will be sold at the bazaar; but any lonesome moose will be shipped westwards. Be careful when you open your mailbox. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well you certainly have outdone yourselves. I agree with the poster who said this is a book in the making.

Your images are spectacular, and the recipes delectable.


Anonymous said...

Maybe (in addition to the Luxor Doors poster) you could come up with a fundraising Hamilton Waterfalls poster. I'm sure the conservation, tourism, parks & rec people would be interested. Maybe a little tour booklet so others could go exploring and re-discover them.


-can you tell I miss my museum days? ;)