Saturday, November 6, 2010

Falls and Flowers

As hoped, the Sun did shine on my hometown and I was able to checkoff another waterfalls from the list -- only 122 more to go! Patrons of Ancaster's Old Mill Restaurant have a grand view of Upper Mill Falls, and of me trying to get a good shot of this 7m-high classical falls.

I had a better view of non-classical falls at Hamilton's 90th Fall Garden and Chrysanthemum Show. Over 75,000 flowers bloomed before photographic images of the area's most splendid waterfalls.

My favourite scene used white chrysanthemums to imitate snow beside a babbling stream.

If images of snow don't send shudders down my spine, then perhaps I'm getting into the Christmas spirit. Certainly, I found the wreaths decorating downtown Dundas heartwarming.

But most of the show's flowers inspired feelings of sunny warmth. We nicknamed these flowers "pyrotechnic mums" because they looked like exploding fireworks.

Years ago I knit a green and purple sweater for the Time Traveller. I think he wore it once. Nevertheless, I still like the colour combination. Perhaps it's better in nature. This plant in the tropical greenhouse certainly wears it well.

Now, if a green and purple sweater seemed flashy, what about this Passion flower? It didn't hold anything back to attract birds and bees.

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