Friday, August 21, 2015

Revisiting the Past

You must learn some of my philosophy. Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.
Jane Austen, English novelist (1775-1817) in Pride and Prejudice
A friend from university days and I challenged our memories and enjoyed a grand time re-visiting a number of our former loves at the Pompeii exhibition now showing at the Royal Ontario Museum. I won't say how long ago we wandered the ancient streets of Pompeii with our professor and I can't say that our memories are crystal clear, but I will say that we laughed and had a good time then -- as now. We couldn't let pass the opportunity to have a little dress-up fun!

The exhibition has a pretty impressive selection of artifacts. Memories of my beloved Egypt were  stirred with the charming little vignette of an ibis perched on the back of a stone sphinx in a Pompeiian fresco painting. The presence of the palm tree transported me back to the lovely shaded sculpture garden of the museum at Memphis.

I subscribe to Jane Austen's philosophy: I'm so very thankful for the warmth that such memories bring to my soul. And to making more good memories, such as a day spent with a friend!


John said...

Unless I'm very mistaken it's Canada's very own Prof. Mary B. !!


Shari said...

What fun it would be to wander the streets with Mary Beard! I must go back and revisit her BBC programs.