Saturday, March 21, 2015

There's Hope!

The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.
Sir Bernard Williams, English philosopher (1929-2003)

Happy Spring everyone! It has been a long, cold winter -- or so it has seemed as frigid temperatures lasted for days on end and successive snowstorms blustered their way through town heaping snow upon snow. But there is hope!

This week I heard the first chirps of the sparrows in the train station's rafters and a red-winged blackbird calling for his mate on my walk to work. Happily, she answered. And the gardeners arrived to unwrap the trees from their burlap coats. The cedars didn't appear quite ready to unfurl their limbs just yet, perhaps it is still a little cold. But there is hope!

In my own little abode, hope came in the tiny flowers of an African violet. Against all odds, given my past history in nurturing plants, my adopted violet is blooming! There is hope!


John said...

Good to see you back "on air"...

Anonymous said...

I worried that the Canada Geese got frozen in the ponds around my place last night....we had 6" of snow over two days. Melting today though.