Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nothing Better

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.
Linda Grayson, author of children's books

My girlfriend indulged me during our weekend in Paris as I sought to find the best hot chocolate the city has to offer. The research required visits to three cafes famous for this sublime libation, each having its own atmosphere and different taste, but all presenting a deliciously thick and rich cup.

The experience left me doubting that I will ever be able to palate this winter favourite again as normally made from powdered cocoa, so this afternoon I tried my hand making a Le Chocolate Chaud using a recipe found on the Paris-based chef, David Lebovitz's blog. I didn't have the best-quality bittersweet chocolate on hand, but the result was quite passable. ;-)

Angelina serves its thick brew from a pitcher and with pots on cream on the side.

Its storefront is a sweet dream. We wished that we had tried the pastries rather than the rather bland Mont Blanc for which it is supposed to be famous. But the chocolate chaud lived up to its reputation.

Appropriately, on our Sunday in Paris we visited Un Dimanche à Paris, an elegant tea room serving heavenly morsels. The pitcher with a wooden handle and stir stick was pretty cool.

For coziness and pure comfort without any chic-chic-ness, I would return again (and again) to Mamie Gâteaux. I loved the lace curtains, the iron radiators and holding a bowl of hot chocolate in my hands. And its chestnut cake introduced me to a new taste sensation that requires further research. ;-)

Hot chocolate and Paris are a very fine pairing, as is chocolate and friends!


Anonymous said...

Have you weighed yourself since getting home:-))


Anonymous said...

Now I know what I will do with the chocolate left over from the fondue last night!! pmc

Shari said...

Leftover chocolate??
Now that's an oxymoron! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ya and LS was there....

Anonymous said...

I'll revisit this site on a colder day.