Sunday, November 16, 2014

Catching Up

Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy (wo)man has no time to form.
Andre Maurois, French biographer, novelist and essayist (1885-1967)

It surprises me how fast the days pass. On the one hand, I know that it is a sign of growing old; but on the other hand, I know that it is a sign of a very full and rich life for which I am thankful. Although the thought of curling up in bed for a day of doing nothing is very appealing, I count my blessings that I am healthy and have nurturing friends, family and community that keep me busy with all sorts of activities that enrich body and soul.

This post attempts to catch up on all the wonderful activities that have kept me hopping over the past week. First, last weekend the three winos shared their pleasure of the Twenty Valley "Wrapped Up in the Valley" winery tour with a friend visiting from distant parts, regaling her with our stories of past pleasures. One of the new pleasures was imbibing the vista from Mike Weir's winery while quaffing Pinot Noir accompanied by herbed forest mushroom and creamed chevrai flatbreads. Life is good.

A couple of days later, my friend and I marveled at the detail of the Christmas windows of the Hudson's Bay Company in downtown Toronto.

And then yesterday, the church hosted our annual Mistletoe Bazaar with a cookie spread that looked a lot like Santa's dinner table. A heavenly scent of sugar, butter, chocolate and spice escaped from each carton that we opened. The last week or two have been busy but, oh, so sweet!

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