Sunday, April 20, 2014

♬ This Is The Day That God Has Made ♬

This is the day that God has made!
Rejoice! Rejoice, and be exceeding glad!
This is the day that God has made!
Rejoice! Rejoice! Hallelujah!
Natalie Allyn Sleeth, American composer (1930 – 1992)

After a joyous church service this morning, I returned home to prepare for the inaugural family dinner in my little abode. What a wonderful time we had around the table! I rejoiced in Easter and in family. And I am exceedingly glad!

As I was otherwise engaged in the kitchen, Dad documented this inaugural meal with a few photos:

OK, so now I'll pay more attention to the drips on plates going to the table. ;-) But even with the drips, the pan seared scallops were impressive.

My little brother stepped in to handle the carving of the delicious Ontario ham to make it look good on the plate.

1 comment:

  1. ... definitely a time to rejoice!
    - spring
    - a new home
    - a bountiful meal
    - a wonderful family