Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mourning and Rejoicing

While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.
John Taylor, American senator and philosopher (1753-1824)

The spirit of a noble centurion passed gently from our worldly midst last night. We are sad at our loss of this gentleman of great intellect, courage and culture, but his quiet-voiced inspiration to be fine human beings lives on among all who were gifted the opportunity to sit and chat awhile.


Anonymous said...

The Gentleman in our Lives

Tweed jacket and hat, pushing his walker ahead, then sitting and soaking in the rays while greeting passers-by - so may we remember him always - quietly a part of the fabric of the community, of his generation and of our family. Once asked by a young jogger what piece of advice he had for someone in their youth, he reflected upon his own life and replied “Do not take yourself too seriously.”
Ken was born in Birmingham, UK in 1911. As a master of languages and a world traveller he lived in China in the early 1930’s. During WW2 he was posted by British Army Intelligence services to India, where he met and married his wife Regina in Karachi in 1944. They later moved back to England followed by their years together in Buenos Aires, Toronto, New Delhi, Bombay and Edmonton. After his retirement Ken continued to enjoy playing string quartets and taking long walks with his wife Regina, and even in his eighties and nineties, he continued to travel with trips to Russia, China, Greece, Cameroon, Switzerland and Italy.
An ardent walker he embarked on his ‘constitutional’ stroll daily until he suffered a stroke in late December. With dignity and quiet resolve he bore the ensuing weeks at home surrounded by his family, both far and near. On February 15th, he peacefully passed away, once again embarking upon a new adventure. He will be deeply missed by his family and all who knew and loved him.
May the relevant anonymity of this site be preserved. Let it be that it also commemorates the many who have led good and illustrious lives to great age and wisdom. Todays word: amowns

Shari said...

A lovely testament. Thank you for sharing.