Saturday, January 12, 2013

Breakfast on the Go

Instead of telling the world what you're eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that's meaningful.
Edward Norton, American actor, director, social activist

I know I should be writing something much more meaningful in my post, particularly since I've been M.I.A. for several days now, but let's pretend that what I will be eating for breakfast is, in fact, meaningful because it offers a suggestion for others like me who are not good about starting their day with nutrition. Caffeine, yes; nutrition, no.

Come Monday morning I begin my five-day-a-week commute to the big city, Tee-Oh. I've been busy all week organizing clothing, backpack, lunch bag, transit pass, Internet connection, water bottle, coffee thermos, haircut, and manicure. This employment thing is a big deal, not to mention a major adjustment for someone who has been setting her own schedule for years now. As of Monday morning, I am waking up to a 5:30 A.M. alarm. Ugg!

Not being a morning person nor a breakfast person, but knowing that I'll need some nutrition to keep my body functioning during the office's busiest hours, I've been pondering what I could eat during the morning commute on the Go train. I found Breakfast Bars on Nigella Lawson's (aka "The Domestic Goddess") website and Breakfast in a Cookie on Canadian Living's website. Both are packed full of good things like oats, nuts, seeds, fruit and no added sugar. They may not provide the best of healthy balanced breakfasts but they mark a starting point on which I can build.

So ends my public service announcement.


Anonymous said...

okay..think of the kind of work I do, then think of what this image might look like, and bingo....not very appetizing. pmc

Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion - get a wide mouthed thermos -throw in oats, grains, raisins, a bit of salt, and other 'what nots' (like that little reddish 'grub or mealy bug' for protein), then pour boiling water (3 or 4 water : 1) over it over "the night before" seal it (it kills the bug as well) and have a warm breakfast on the 'GO' - add yogurt to taste - followed by the coffee. (actually you could even try reheated old coffee instead of the water.) I can recommend this from years of trials - now I just have to get some of those grubs for a new testing cycle and possibly a new taste thrill.

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