Thursday, October 18, 2012

Artful Alliteration (or not)

Who often, but without success, have prayed for apt Alliteration's artful aid.
Charles Churchill, English poet and satirist (1732-1764)

Off to the bulk barn, Mom and I beat, to buy bits for baking a brimming bequest. A bounty of biscuits we must briskly bring about, to later bestow upon the boards blocked in banks for the bethel bazaar befalling next month. Between the bins we beheld bitty beans black, bonny no doubt. but bearing a bizarre brand. "How do the bonbon and the bailiwick bind?," I bandied about with a bend in my brow. The answer, it would seem, lies in the bewitchery of a bright business brain. Some big cheese of "Teenee Beanee" band must have believed that the balance of 'Luxor' and 'licorice' brilliantly blends to beget a beautiful buzz, or perhaps a benign bong, from the bell at the cashier's bartering berth. Beyond doubt the branding bears out beneficial for it brought me to brake before the box and now I bethink Beanee's bonbon beside my beloved bygone bearings.


John said...

Bloomin' Brilliant !!

Shari said...


(that's Low Saxon for "thank you")