Friday, January 13, 2017

Vacation Planning

Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.
Kurt Vonnegut, American author (1922-2007)

Trip planning Three Winos style involves wine, nibbles, a computer connected to a large-screen TV, and a fascinating segment of BBC's Invisible Cities documentary. Planning our Italian sojourn is great fun. Our itinerary is coalescing . . . mainly around wine and gelato. Next up are the Italian classes. They begin at the end of the month and I've been working up my vocabulary. So far I have:
  “Vino rosso”: red wine
  “Vino bianco”: white wine
  “Vino rosato”: rosé wine
  “Vino amabile”: medium-sweet wine
  “Vino dolce”: sweet wine
  “Vino secco”: dry wine
  “Vino abboccato”: semi-dry wine
  “Vino corposo”: full-bodied wine
  “Vino aromatico”: aromatic wine
  “Vino frizzante”: semi-sparkling wine

Stay tuned!


  1. … and another to add to the list:

    Vino Collapso

    …a subtle blend of all of the above…


  2. ... an important addition to my Duolingo lessons ...

  3. Ciao amico! My mornings begin with un caffe (o due caffe) e Duolingo. S-I-L and I are also attending Monday night lessons, which are fun. Check out the blog of The Iceberg Project for fun expressions.