Saturday, October 8, 2016

Un peu de crème

If you're afraid of butter, use cream.
Julia Child, American chef and author (1912-2004)

This afternoon's chocolat chaud arrived with "just a little creme" as I find myself in Chantilly, France. While work brings me here, I have a few hours to acclimatize from crossing the Atlantic in a cramped bus seat. (Makes my Go train commute feel first class.) Thankfully, I landed in this land of soft, silky, and edible mountains that soothe any irritations.

My weary bones also get to rest in a sublime hotel. Check out the view from my bathtub.

Today I walked miles around the Domain de Chantilly, peaking into stores and checkin out the farmers' market. Tomorrow I will visit the chateau and its art collection which is said to be second only to the Louvre. It's the prettiest town. So far everything is la crème de la crème.

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John said...

Don't forget to wave on the return trip...


PS - is there any chance that the organisation will hold a meeting in the London office ?