Friday, August 26, 2016

The Big Reveal

A friend is like a quilt: designed by heart, pieced in time, sewn by hand, and bound to keep you covered.
I can now share four of the reasons for the paucity of blog posts over the past few months. The quilting I've been doing had to remain secret until presented this week. Now is the time for the big reveal. The teapot and teacup runner mixes Kaffe Fassett and traditional florals.

A panel of Laurel Burch's "Embracing Horses" became the centrepiece for a colourful quilt for a colourful young woman. Helen Hubert, the "Caledonia Quilter", did the longarm quilting matching the quilting design to the curves of the horses.

For the six-footer, I made a masculine panel quilt of stallions and mustangs.

The backing fabric looks like stars so I inserted a series of stars for some extra visual interest. The star block also appears on the front as cornerstones. Helen's quilting design includes cowboy boots, stetson hats, and bucking horses.

The quilts are for an equine family so all needed to include horses. It took some time (years) to find just the right equine accompaniment for the panel featuring Cicely Mary Barker's "Laburnam Fairy". For backing fabric I actually found one with pink (a favourite colour) horses.

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John said...

What an epic artwork - a true ‘installation piece. I’ve seen far less inspiring pieces on display in the V&A !

I like the cunning inclusion of the feline ‘gallery assistant’ in image #2…