Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Little Spark

A little spark of kindness can put a colossal burst of sunshine into someone's day.

It's a busy time around the office as we celebrate our first birthday. My role is behind the scenes organizing multiple management meetings, with which I can get just a little tense worrying about the details. The last meeting of the day was underway and I needed to take in some sweets to accompany the coffee. Trying to be unnoticeable and not interrupt the conversation, I slid the tray onto the table. The gentleman in the centre jumped up thanking me, shaking my hand and kissing my cheeks. I had been kissed by Yo-Yo Ma! We spoke for probably a whole minute and I couldn't tell you what was said except that I was honoured to meet him and that he was thrilled to be at the Museum. He put a colossal burst of sunshine into my day. A colleague reports that he's that wonderfully friendly and real with everyone, so I suspect that he spreads a lot of joy wherever he goes -- through his music and his kindness.

And, no, I have yet to wash my face. :-)


Dee said...

Very very cool!!

John said...

What a coincidence - NO, I was't kissed by Yo-Yo Ma too ... but he was here performing at the Proms. He played all six of the Bach Cello Suites in one go - two and three quarter hours of sheer magic !

So we have each been touched by the Great Man - albeit in different ways !!

BTW, I gather he has just turned 60 - maybe his visit to the Museum was part of the celebration ?

Anonymous said...

I do wonder some times about that 'Unknown' author who so often resides at the top of the day's blog.... hmmm

.... and so the spark is carry to start the next fire....

So proud to know you!