Sunday, July 20, 2014

Special Deliveries

How could such sweet and wholesome hours
Be reckoned but with herbs and flowers?
Andrew Marvel, English poet and politician (1621-1678)

I received a couple of unexpected gifts this week that have brought much pleasure this weekend. My aunt provided a large bouquet of sweet basil, the fragrance of which still floats in my kitchen. I christened my food processor by making a large batch of pesto, part of which was immediately consumed with gusto and part of which was frozen for future pleasure.

Regarding pesto, a few week's ago friends from Britain shared with me an article entitled "25 recipe ideas for leftover pesto" published in the Guardian. As he noted "leftover pesto" is an oxymoron for most of us; however, just in any case my kind readers may want some savory sweet inspiration, I provide the link to the article for all to take delight in this heavenly herb.

And speaking of cases, I actually won two bottles of wine during this Spring's "Get Fresh" oenological tour. They were delivered in an unmarked white van in an unmarked box to protect my reputation among the neighours who might question special deliveries of alcohol to the door. I won't say what percentage of the 700 ballots had my name on the them, but I will say that "Get Fresh" and "Wrapped Up in the Valley" are a couple of highlights in my calendar. I am already looking forward to November's event.

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John said...

Two empties shouldn't be too difficult to dispose of discretely. If it had been two BOXES then such quantities would require some 'stealth' measures to ensure disposal without calling your reputation into question...