Saturday, October 19, 2013

In Granite Heaven

The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time.
Henry David Thoreau, American essayist, poet and philosopher (1817-1862)

The Earth unveiled an incredible range of beauty in thin, 2 and 3cm sheets as Mom and I wandered multiple aisles of granite slabs. My love of stone, its colour, its texture, and its history appears in several blog posts so it won't come as a surprise to my faithful visitors that I insisted on selecting the very slab from which my kitchen countertops will emerge. I am entering into a long-term relationship here so I'm being very selective.

I am very fond of "Golden Sparkle".

But I am also enamoured with "Torrocino".

Alas, I was heart-broken at having to turn away from the most beautiful "Rain Forest", but her marble composition would not withstand the responsibilities faced in the kitchen. I sighed a sigh of regret and moved along the rows with the cupboard and flooring samples, assessing their perfect mate. All were outstanding, and some were nothing short of stunning. We fantasized many grand tables.

The final decision as to which beauty receives the rose to become my kitchen amour awaits word from the contractor on their price points. Ah, yes, financial reality is very much a part of this otherwise heartfelt decision.

Stay tuned.


John said...

Why not have a small piece as a wall decoration ?

"If you need to ask the price madam...then you can't afford it..."


Shari said...

And I can always let the credit card deal with the the situation . . . or not.


Anonymous said...

ah - forget the samples and go for the contrast of the "Torrocino" - and be done with the ecstasy and engage in the agony of choosing the pieces and cuts. Ensure that that beautiful granite river runs through your kitchen. Also dazzle all those geologists that will hang around your kitchen with beer in hand to analyze the composition of the stone. Light it well to enhance its beauty. Put it everywhere especially under plants and save off cuts to put under your laptop as a heat-sink. Also remember it will grow darker with use and abuse.

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