Monday, August 13, 2012

Bad Luck

A stout heart breaks bad luck.
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Spanish author of Don Quixote (1547-1616)

Black cats and red wine don't mix. Actually, to be more accurate: black cats, red wine, and beige carpet don't mix.

I can't believe my bad luck. Yesterday I was stung by a bee. S-I-L administered medication and all was well. Today red wine spills. Things may happen in threes but I'm not going to worry about what comes next. I'll just be a little more careful. Duh!

Anyway, with stout heart I cleaned up what I could of the wine and called the Scottish lads at our favourite carpet cleaning company. They'll pop by before Mom and Dad return home from vacation and work their magic and no one will be the wiser.

And then with same stout heart I poured myself another glass of wine. Thankfully, the number 13 doesn't scare me because the 2010 "Red Palette" from the 13th Street Winery is really quite good.


John said...

For next time...I've heard that a strong solution of table salt can work wonders if applied as soon as the spillage has occurred.
This of course the requires that the Spiller is in a suitable state of sobriety to remember where the heck the salt is stored in the kitchen...


Anonymous said...

ah, while the cat's away - the mice do play.

Or in this case, while the mom's away the daughter do play!

Shari said...

Ha! :-)
I went to great pains to explain over the phone to the carpet cleaners that I was not some teenager who raided the parents' liquor cabinet and had a great bash-up. As a result, they think me a fifty-something female acting like a teenager. ;-)